Science, War, Society. Second meeting.

5th February, meeting with Jeff Halper

Genova, 02/05/20. Meeting with Jeff Halper, anthropologist and peace activist from Israel, author of War Against the People (Pluto press, 2015).

War as an international affair

This book comes out of my work on Palestine and Israel. I’ve been an activist for many years. I am the head of an organization called the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. We try to fight Israel’s policy of demolishing Palestinian homes. And the question that comes up all the time is: how does Israel get away with this? Why does the world allow Israel to have an occupation for more than fifty years, to violate international law, to repress an entire people? Not only does it allow it, but Israel gets more and more international support, its status goes up and up in the international community.

There are all kinds of explanations people think of, for example the strong jewish lobby in the United States. But that doesn’t explain the Italian support for Israel. It doesn’t explain support for Israel from countries where there are no jews: today India and China are two of the strongest supporters of Israel in the international community.

Then there is the idea of the guilt over the Holocaust.… Read the rest